Successful MORGRIP® 14″ Subsea Pipeline Connector Installation

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) have successfully installed 2 off 14” 900# MORGRIP® Connectors in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

Earlier this year, the connectors underwent FAT and hydrotesting in our workshop facility in Walsall, UK, with the team working diligently to meet a tight delivery schedule.

The connectors were terminated with ISO 27509 #900 Compact Weld Neck Flanges.

Read the article for more information and images of the testing in the workshop.

CSS technician Steven Bates was deployed for 10 days offshore in August to assist with the installation.

Installation time was 6 hours per connector – a great achievement with superb preparation of the connectors, diving proficiency and good visibility all contributing to the smooth operation.

Another successful MORGRIP® design, build, test, supply and install from CSS and outstanding effort from our team of technicians and engineers.

Get in touch if you’re looking for pipeline repair, contingency, decommissioning or rerouting work. We have a range of MORGRIP® mechanical connectors and clamps in all sizes and pressure ratings, for topside and subsea, diver installed and fully remotely installed.

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For more information on this project, please contact John SpainNigel Baxter or Rani Mahey.