MORGRIP® ROV Installed Deepwater Clamps – Built, Tested and Shipped

Our MORGRIP® ROV installed deepwater clamps have been wrapped, boxed and shipped to the customer.

These structural and leak sealing deepwater repair clamps are ready to be remotely installed at 1,300m depth on a 12” production flowline spool delivering crude oil, which has seen increased corrosion.

This project comes with complexity as the layout of the spool restricts access for an ROV to install the clamps from the sides.

Our clamp designs allow us to meet this challenge; these units have been engineered for horizontal installation to allow ROV operation from the top where access is greater and will minimize risk.

The clamps completed hyperbaric pressure testing at 300 bar and simulated installation in our workshop in Walsall, UK.

Get in touch if you’re looking for pipeline repair, contingency, decommissioning or rerouting work. We have a range of MORGRIP® mechanical connectors and clamps in all sizes and pressure ratings, for topside and subsea, diver installed and fully remotely installed.

For more information on this project, please contact Andre Midtun and Pål Magne Hisdal.

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