Connector Subsea Solutions Joins the Oil and Gas Onshore Podcast

Nitin Patel (CSO / Commercial Director) and Pål Magne Hisdal (Chairman) joined Justin Gauthier, host of the Oil and Gas Onshore Podcast, for a lighthearted and insightful discussion in a recent podcast show recorded in Houston, Texas

During this 40 minute episode, the trio delve into a range of topics from business to personal, including:

  • CSS history
  • CSS solutions – remote installations, deepwater rental equipment, EPRS, remote welding and much more
  • How CSS are mitigating global supply chain issues and the impact of Covid-19
  • CSS’ biggest win as a company
  • Pål and Nitin’s backgrounds, family life and what makes them tick
  • What Nitin would do if money was no object and Pål’s idea of a perfect Friday!

The podcast is available on the OGGN website and major platforms including Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Search for the episode: ‘Removing Divers from Subsea Pipeline Repair and Maintenance with Pål Magne and Nitin Patel from Connector Subsea, ep 168’.