Connector Subsea Solutions Making Waves in Electrification of ROVs

Our prototype Motor Drive Controller Assembly just completed rigorous electrical and pressure tests and is ready to ship.

This achievement marks a significant milestone in our collaboration with a leading Norwegian ROV manufacturer. They’ve entrusted us with a pivotal role in their ground-breaking electric ROV development project.

We modified standard motor control PCBs for subsea use (1000 mwd). After successful testing, we were approached to provide a complete engineered assembly including bespoke internal interface, precision aluminium enclosure (oil-filled, pressure-compensated), and facility for fluid interconnection capability if required.

The prototype unit is poised to undergo integration and wet testing with our client’s DC thruster motors and associated ROV systems. This collaborative effort ensures optimal performance and reliability in subsea conditions.

As we celebrate this successful prototype, we’re eager to take the next leap forward. Our team is geared up to deliver the production build units, contributing to the future builds of ROVs that redefine industry standards.

Connector Subsea Solutions specialise in electronic, electrical, mechanical and software control engineering for extreme environments.

If you would like to know more about our capabilities in welding, power and control systems, please contact Paul Hughes.