12″ MORGRIP® Connector Built and Despatched Within Four Days

Our 12” 300# MORGRIP® Connector raced through the workshop, completing in just four days, even with a 24-hour hold period during hydrotesting.

The skill and experience of our technicians and wider team enabled build, FAT, refurbishment, packing and despatch in rapid time.

The bespoke connector, featuring an Integral Adaptor and Raised Face Flange, will be vertically installed and deployed to re-route an oil export line.

Exceptional work from Irek Klapka, Richard Craddock, Joseph Vernam and Rani Mahey to expedite this project whilst ensuring Connector Subsea Solutions’ high quality standards were not compromised.

Get in touch if you’re looking for pipeline repair, contingency, decommissioning or rerouting work. We have a range of MORGRIP® mechanical connectors and clamps in all sizes and pressure ratings, for topside and subsea, diver installed and fully remotely installed.

For more information on this project, please contact Rani Mahey,  Nigel Baxter or John Spain.

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