Our products are divided into 4 main divisions: MORGRIP Connectors, MORGRIP Clamps, Pipeline Repair & tie in tooling and subsea distribution connections. Many of these products are standard units with significant track record, however, we take pride in our ability to innovate and create reliable solutions from field proven technologies to overcome the most complex subsea challenges.

Our Service offering encompasses all the required field support required to deploy our products including offshore specialist. We are also able to store and maintain Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS) and offer a rental of our specialist tooling to enable the best technology and the safety solutions to be commercially viable to all project.

Repair & Tie-in Tools
We deliver complete lightweight and compact remote operated pipeline repair systems (PRS) for subsea rigid risers, flowlines and pipelines. These items can be supplied separately or as a complete package for remote deepwater repair, enabling the complete system integration prior to mobilisation.
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Subsea Distribution
We can provide fully integrated solutions, products and systems for subsea hydraulic and chemical distribution. Our unique patented technology provides a qualified, robust and cost-efficient solution.
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Contingency & Rental
We understand that our customers do not always want to buy, stock and maintain repair or tie-in equipment. Therefore we offer options with regards to Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS), contingency asset management and technical rental to help customers select the right system specifically for their needs.
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