New ROV operated Diamond Wire Saw

Our new ROV operated diamond wire saw has now completed internal Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), customer FAT and will be made available within our rental pool upon completion of the current mobilisation. The diamond wire saw, suitable for 6″ to 20″, provides a recognised, reliable method of cutting a wide variety of pipe type and … Continued

New Product Launch: Subsea Connector for Clad & Lined Pipe Repair

Following 9 years of development and testing funded through a JIP, we are pleased to announce the launch of the only DNV Type Approved Connector capable of permanently repairing a clad or lined pipe. To prevent aggressive pipeline media from corroding the parent pipe or the connector, we have certified a reliable, predictable and controllable … Continued

Coating Removal – completed remotely at 1300mwd

Following the successful FAT earlier this year, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of a deepwater (1300mwd) pipe coating removal operation. The 12″ pipe had a total of 8m x 17.5mm thick coating (with FBE) removed in two locations. The operation enabled the installation of a remote clamp to extend the field life … Continued

Fully Remote Connector System FAT

Today we successfully completed Factory Acceptance Testing of a remote connector installation frame fitted with a 12″ remote MORGRIP Connector. There have been 12 remote connector repairs completed since 1996, deploying a total of 17 connectors, all but 1 being MORGRIP. This latest testing not only approves a further 2 units ready for deployment during … Continued

Successful FAT at 520Bar

Today we successfully pressure tested a 3″ MORGRIP Super Duplex Coupling to 520Bar. The material selection for such products are typically driven my the pipeline, as similar materials are required to prevent the occurrence of galvanic corrosion. CSS hold DNV Type Approval for all MORGRIP connectors up to Class 2500 rating, in duplex, stainless steel … Continued

MORGRIP Successfully installed West coast of Denmark

Yesterday at 19.30GMT our MORGRIP 16″ Flange Adaptor was successfully installed offshore the West coast of Denmark, in 38m water depth. This operation is part of a wider bypass project with a 24″ installation due to take place in the New Year.

Pipe Coating Removal FAT

Don’t underestimate the challenge of a clean pipe! Today we successfully completed FAT of our patented Coating Removal Tool, which will now be mobilised to West Africa for operation on a 12” pipe in 1300m water depth.

Connector Subsea Solutions Acquires Hydratight’s MORGRIP™ Business

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) has signed an agreement for the acquisition of Hydratight’s MORGRIP Connector business in Walsall, UK. Over the last six years, CSS and Hydratight have collaborated to deliver subsea pipeline repair projects. The MORGRIP Connector business will become an integral part of CSS’ extensive repair and modification services for subsea and deepwater … Continued