Connector Subsea Solutions was established in 2000 with the purpose of reinventing deepwater repairs through a modern design philosophy, ensuring products and systems are:

Light Weight – Easy to mobilise and deploy on a wide variety of vessels

Reliable – Designed from the ground up for the purpose required

Efficient Innovation – Using new techniques and ideas only when necessary to improve the design and performance

To enable an effective Deepwater repair system, in 2014 Connector Subsea Solutions signed a Joint Collaboration Agreement with the Hydratight MORGRIP business. MORGRIP has been supplying mechanical connectors and clamps to the industry since 1988 and boast an extensive global track record with 100% leak free record. In 2019, following a number of very successful industry first projects, CSS fully acquired MORGRIP, thus bringing a complete and integrated solution under a single entity.

Our mission is to deliver reliable solutions for complex subsea challenges.

The way we achieve our mission is captured through our design philosophy and values which are key to our business:

Credibility – Integrity in our people, products and brand that is based on the trust we have earned through our extensive experience

Performance – Delivering the right solutions, on schedule and on budget to build and strengthen our value to our customers

Passion – We do it because we can. Our passion for solving complete challenges drives us to success every day

Innovation – We are structured and encouraged to enable a dynamic approach to challenges, delivering critical solutions through inventive problem solving